umami Sauces


Wafu Sesame Sauce is a delicious fusion of Japanese flavors, combining the richness of sesame seeds with the umami of soy sauce, the sweetness of mirin and the subtle notes of vinegar. The result is a succulent sauce that adds depth and character to your dishes.

Yuzu Ponzu Sauce is a citrusy and savory Japanese condiment that combines the bright and tangy flavor of yuzu citrus with the umami richness of soy sauce.

Gyoza Dumpling Sauce is a simple yet essential component that enhances the overall dining experience, making each bite of gyoza a delightful and flavorful moment. This dipping sauce is perfectly crafted to complement gyozas, creating a delectable experience that harmonizes the umami with the tangy, salty, and slightly nutty notes in the sauce.


Type: Umami Sauces