Day 8: 12 Days of Recipes Contest - Major Brand Chicken Stock Base

December 15, 2019 1 Comment

Day 8: 12 Days of Recipes Contest - Major Brand Chicken Stock Base

Our annual 12 days of recipes continues featuring our favourite gift ideas and local producers to help you check off everyone on your list. This year, we've added a contest to our series where you can win one of the feature products by responding to a question and sharing the contest with your friends and family on social media!

Scroll down or click here to go directly to our contest form.

This series pairs a gift idea or must-have holiday essential ingredient with a great recipe that you could write in a card to inspire your gift recipient or for you to try out for your own table this season!

Day 8: Must-have winter staple for the discerning cook!

On the eighth day of recipes, we suggest you try making our   (see recipe here). Major Chef's Stock Base Pastes are made using only the finest ingredients. It will save you preparation time without sacrificing flavour. You can use them to add authentic flavour direct to a sauce or a dish and as a base for your soups, sauces, stews and casseroles.

Win a container of Major Brand Chicken Stock Base from Well Seasoned

We're giving away 1 container of Major Chicken Stock for in-store pick-up to one special customer who fills out today's sweepstakes form and answers the question:

Homemade soup is so great to have on hand this time of year, pop it out of the freezer for a quick meal. What is your favorite homemade soup?

We will be drawing our winner* at 6:30 PM on December 16th, 2019 and will announce it on Facebook! You can get extra entries into the contest by referring your friends to our daily recipe and product feature on social media and by email. Good luck!

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Rick Kochanski
Rick Kochanski

December 17, 2018

Love this stuff, Major soup bases, always have at least a chicken and beef in the fridge.

Minestrone is a favourite lunch time soup. Though chicken or beef veggie not far behind. Basque potato soup is a fairly regular dinner.

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