Wild Hibiscus Flowers - The Perfect Cocktail Garnish

April 21, 2017

Wild Hibiscus Flowers - The Perfect Cocktail Garnish

Wild Hibiscus Flowers

Is anyone else excited that it's Friday! It's been a busy week and we're feeling like winding down with a cocktail. Evolve's Pink Effervesence is the perfect sparkling wine to enjoy on this sunny Friday.






Evolve Pink Effervescence - Sparkling Wine

We're raising the stakes by adding a beautiful Wild Hibiscus flower into the bottom of the champagne flute. It is fascinating to watch the tiny bubbles surround the blossom as it unfurls in the glass.

What a treasure....these little beauties are totally edible and taste almost like a cross between raspberries and rhubarb – they are delicious and make the perfect sparkling wine cocktail. Wild Hibiscus Flowers come packed in a natural syrup and by adding a little of that syrup to your cocktail or glass of champagne it transforms the drink into a perfectly pink, slightly tart masterpiece. They are so much fun, a great conversation starter and totally original. Pick some up to enjoy in today's sunshine or to impress your friends at your next soirée, you won’t be sorry. 



Wild Hibiscus Flowers In Syrup

The Wild Hibiscus Flower Company is a small family owned business in Sydney, Australia. They are available at Well Seasoned in our extensive mixology section. 


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