WS Popcorn Series: House of Q BBQ Popcorn

March 30, 2017

WS Popcorn Series: House of Q BBQ Popcorn

I mean why wouldn't we combine one of our favourite BBQ seasonings with melted butter and freshly popped popcorn?! It's incredibly simple, and incredibly delicious.You are probably asking yourself why you didn't think of it sooner. We feel you, just go ahead and make this delicious snack tonight. And be sure to enjoy alongside a glass of wine! 

House of Q BBQ Popcorn



Whisk melted butter with freshly cracked black pepper; drizzle over hot popped popcorn. Toss with a generous sprinkle of House of Q Peppered Bovine Seasoning - the popcorn should be well coated. Season with additional cracked black pepper.

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