WS Popcorn Series: Maple Pepper Popcorn Recipe

March 06, 2017

Maple Pepper Popcorn Recipe | Comfort Food | A Well Seasoned Recipe

We are excited to have an exciting new product stocked on the Well Seasoned shelves. Savoury Favourites maple pepper spice blends are a delicious way to add a twist to tried and true recipes. The collection is gluten free and made right here in Canada! I mean can't get much more Canadian than that. With four varieties; original, curry, chipotle and garlic, there is a little something for everyone! In honour of popcorn month we are sharing a simple recipe to elevate your everyday corn.

Maple Pepper Popcorn Recipe

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  • Popped Popcorn
  • Butter or Coconut Oil
  • Savoury Favourites Maple Pepper
  1. Pop desired amount of popcorn and transfer to a large bowl
  2. Melt butter or coconut oil and drizzle over popcorn
  3. Generously shake Maple Pepper Original spice blend over the popcorn
  4. Shake or stir the popcorn until the butter and seasoning are evenly distributed

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