Blueberry Pizza on the BBQ

August 31, 2017

Blueberry Pizza on the BBQ

Give your pizza a gourmet face lift with this delicious and EASY recipe! I mean, you know how we feel about pizza on the BBQ!

Blueberry Pizza on the BBQ

A Well Seasoned Recipe - Visit us in store on 64th Avenue, in Langley, BC


  • 1 ball of Well Seasoned: A Gourmet Food Store pizza dough or make your own!
  • 1 1/2 cups of fresh BC Blueberries
  • 1/2 tub of mascarpone cheese
  • 3 tbsp. Nonna Pias Balsamic Reduction (available at Well Seasoned)
  • 1 small handful of fresh basil, thinly sliced


Pre-heat your BBQ to 500 degrees, thoroughly clean the grill. Roll your pizza dough out on a lightly floured surface.

Transfer your dough to the grill and put it directly on the HOT grill. Allow it to cook for about 2 minutes, it should be lightly charred and will lift easily off the grill.

Remove from the grill and place cooked side up onto a cutting board or pizza peel. Spread the cheese on top of the cooked side, sprinkle with the blueberries and return to the grill to finish cooking.

Place the pizza back on the grill and close the lid - it will take another 2-3 minutes to finish cooking. Remove from the grill, garnish with fresh basil, drizzle with the balsamic reduction, slice & serve.

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