Smoke Show Hummus

September 20, 2020

Smoke Show Hummus

What better for a sunny Sunday after a week of smoke and grey than an excuse to whip up some dip to take out to the patio and soak in the last days of late summer? Pick up a bottle of this Canadian made delight in store today, and then serve up the kind of smoke everyone can enjoy. You can also order a bottle of Smoke Show Hot Sauce from us online!

Smoke Show Hummus

There are lots of tips floating around for how to make the perfect hummus; from preserving a little of your chickpea liquid for a stronger taste (mix it into your water and olive oil solution) to only using the very best quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (which, of course, we always recommend), but we think the absolute best way to elevate your hummus game is to add some heat.



  1. Start the grill and char your jalapeños and lemons and garlic.
  2. Drain and rinse your can of chickpeas.
  3. Using a food processor, blend the chickpeas and the garlic just slightly.
  4. Add the lemon juice, tahini, Smoke Show, spices, and a splash of olive oil. Then blend.
  5. While it’s blending, gradually add water and olive oil to obtain your ideal consistency. VERY SLOWLY add these ingredients, until perfectly soft and fluffy.
  6. Serve with crudités like sliced radishes, carrots, fennel, celery, tortilla chips, etc.


Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook time: 5 Minutes

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